Sunday, October 3, 2010

Line Art

Line Art Contest

To add some fun and excitement to my school visits this year, I will be having line art contests for the students to participate in. The three best artworks from each school will be posted here, where anyone can comment on their favorite. The winner, after one week of voting, will be given a free copy of my book and some art prizes!

The Rules

1. All artwork must be student-created. Parents are free to suggest or inspire, but the drawings must be completed by the students.

2. The artwork should be created from one, continuous black line (crayon, pen, marker, etc.). If you use a pencil, be sure to trace it with a pen or marker or it may not scan well.

That's it! Pretty simple. You can draw anything from a cool pattern to a complex picture. Drawings will be judged on creativity and originality.

To get you started along the right track, I've included some sample designs.

Get that creativity flowing and best of luck!


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