Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Visit Home

Over Christmas break, my family and I made our annual driving trip through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas as we tried to visit everyone in our extended family. While I was back in my hometown, though, I had the great opportunity to visit the elementary schools where I grew up and share my book, Just Line Around, with them.

I spent half a day at each of the elementary schools in the area: Plains Elementary (where I went to school) and Kismet Elementary, which feeds into the high school I attended. I was able to stop and see each grade level (K-5). We read my book, asked some questions, and made some art. I especially enjoyed doing the art projects with the students since, as of right now, there is no art program in the elementary schools. The kids really seemed to have a good time, and if they enjoyed it half as much as me, I would say it was a good day!

If you would like to see more images of my visit, click here.
Oh, and if you're curious, I would love to visit your school, too! Let me know, and I bet we can figure something out. :)

Preview My Book

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